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Impress Everyone

For every occasion, I use high quality and long lasting hair products that will leave you with gorgeous hair all night long! Looking for that Natalie-Anne style pony or those gorgeous beachy waves you just "woke up" with? 


Book now to ensure you get the look you've always wanted!

                  Straight Blowdry                                           $65

                  Bombshell Blowout                                     $75

                  Curls/Beachy waves (Dry Styling)            $65

                  Curls/Beachy waves  (Wet Styling*)         $85                 

                  Braids                                                             $70                 
                  Hollywood Wave                                          $85 
                  Pony                                                               $90

                  Updo                                                              $95 >

                 All-Night Wig Application                           $75

*Wet styling is recommended if you hair doesn't have much volume or hold a curl for long. Root lift moose and leave-in conditioner are applied to wet hair where necessary before we do a quick blowdry to maximuse volume and finish off with a glamorous hot-tool styling!

Note: all Sydney Metropolitan areas incur a $20 travel surcharge