10 Wedding Day Beauty Tips You Have To Know Before Your Big Day Arrives!

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

The big day is almost here and everything is ticked off: Flowers? Check. Cake? Tick. Last minute table shuffle? Sorted. Now you're ready for some pre-wedding pampering to prepare for the big day and there are a few industry secrets that can make everything go more smoothly. From lip scrub to botox, this short read has it all covered!


Does your skincare routine include cleansing, exfoliating and moisturising? If not, it's time to upgrade! There are so many afforadable skincare products and skin foods out there, there is no excuse not to try a few ~ Mario Badascue is my go to skincare, you can find it in Mecca or online at Beauty Bay (who have a deal for $21 AUD - night cream, toner, and pimple spot cream. You can't beat that!) A personal favourite for my oily complexion is Essano's Rosehip facial mosituriser which controls my oil production whilst keeing me hydrated all day. It can be found in priceline and chemist warehouse. I will be posting a blog entry soon on skincare for different skintypes so keep an eye out, but in the mean time please feel free to ask me any questions!

TIP: Each morning and night you should repeat this routine to cleanse away morning oils and evening makeup and dead skin cells, or they will build up while you sleep, block your pores, and quite possibly give you the dreaded 'morning-of' pimple! Gently exfoliate only 2-3 times a week.


Have your hair washed 1-2 morning(s) before the big event and gently blowdry with minimal to no product. Sleep with hair in a loose bun on the top of your head. Your hairstylist will add all the product you will need on the day and if needed, will re-do your blowdry for added volume and to control fly-aways.

TIP: If your hair is very dry and straw-like, there may be too much protein and you will need to do a nourishing moisture treatment. If it is light and fly's away with the most gentle of breezes, there is too much moisture and you will need a protein treatment. Talk to your local hairdresser to find out what products are best for you.

Beauty services:

With the boom in beauty services over the last few years, there is now convenient access to a large range of services you can enjoy the week of your big day. From mobile beautician apps such as Glamazon that send an artist straight to your door to the many fully-qualified salons scattered across Sydney and New South Wales, there is now a plethora of options to choose from. The most beneficial non-invasive services for your big day according to hair and makeup artists are as follows:

Lash perm & Tint

A lash perm lifts the lashes upwards for up to 8 weeks while 'tint' colours the lashes darker and lasts up to 4 weeks. Lash tints are usually black or blue black, the latter of which adds extra shine. However if you are fair-haired, then a dark brown tint can work wonders to define the eye. A lash perm can be particularly beneficial if your lashes are straight or point downwards to the point where they are not visible when your eyes are open or make your eyes appear smaller. A Lash perm comes in two forms - a lift and a curl. A lift is a great fix for lashes that point downwards. It is completed with a small silicone pad which the lashes are stuck to using temporary lash glue. A curl is better for straighter or slightly lifted lashes, to give them a naturl C curl. This procedure is completed with a small cylindrical rod which the lashes are wrapped around. Both services take about 45 minutes due to the processing time of the perm solution, so get ready to sit back, pop on your favourite tunes and relax!

TIP: If lashes get tangled while you sleep, use a disposable mascara wand with some cold water to brush them back into place. To ensure the tint lasts as long as possible, do not use mascara or rinse your face with hot water.

Brow threading & Henna

We need to get rid of those pesky eyebrow hairs creeping down onto our lids before the big day, but the best way to do it is with gentle eyebrow threading, not tweezing and definitely not waxing. Why? Because unlike tweezing, threading is extremely precise, with skilled artists being able to take just one hair at a time. Threading gently exfoliates the skin whilst waxing rips off 2-3 layers of skin each time! And don't even get me started on 'soft' wax that should not be anywhere near your face to start with (yep, that's the one that rips your skin). Do your research and find a reputable brow artist in your area for a proper shape & growth consultation or check out the mobile artist app I mentioned earlier (I'm on there!) It's best to do a few visits over the months leading up to your special day. This will ensure you have the best brows possible when your makeup artists arrives.

Add in a brow tint with some brow henna, natural dye for your eyebrow hairs that lasts up to 4 weeks and temporarily colours the skin underneath - perfect for sparse eyebrows that need a little extra filling!

TIP: If you've left them until last minute, you can do this the week before and tell them it's for your wedding (they will be much more careful about how much hair they take). Feel free to show your brow artist a picture of your ideal eyebrows so that you're both on the same track.

Teeth Whitening

So we all know about the salons around town that are offering cheap teeth whitening with the overpowering minty gel and blue lights, right? STAY. AWAY. I went to one 3 times, over 6 weeks and came away with a chipped front tooth, did a little research, spoke to a few dentists, turns out it's EXTREMELY common to have tooth damage after doing this procedure. After turning to natural remedies I have found the most amazing teeth whitening cure - Red Seal's "smokers toothpaste" and Coconut oil & Bicarbonate soda mouth wash. The toothpaste is completely natural comtaining the teeth whitening substance Dolomite and it's made for everyone from smokers to avid black coffee drinkers [Caution - Extra minty!]. A gentle scrub with this and a swish with the coconut oil and your teeth will be gleaming whiter then ever before!

TIP: Carrying a small travel toothbrush and tube of toothpaste in your handbag/purse will ensure you brush your teeth at every given opportunity which will always help to sustain whiter teeth. Make sure you flossing at least a few times a week to prevent yellowing between teeth.

Lip Scrub

Let's be serious for a minute. You will be using your lips A LOT on the day. Pecking your relatives hello, smiling for photos, kissing your S.O's lips (and other bits!) To ensure you have the perfect pout on the big day, you can make your very own lip scrub with sugar, olive oil and honey. Mix together until almost gritty but still gel-like and gently rub on your lips to exfoliate dead skin. Repeat every 2 days for 1 week before the day and whatever lip colour you choose will pop!

TIP: Store this scrub in a small, sealed container in a cool place for up to 1 month.

Facial & massage

A gentle facial is a lovely service to pamper yourself before your big day, wether your skin needs that last boost of hydration to wipe away fine lines or to just relieve the stress from all that preparation. Ensuring it's not too invasive will prevent any reaction on your special day and pairing it with a neck and shoulder massage will relieve all the tension you've been feeling.

TIP: Take a moment to stop running around and just, relax.

Botox and Injections:

We all need those frown or surprise lines lifted every now and then, just make sure you do these services MORE than a week before your wedding. For botox, at least 2 weeks and for intections/ fillers, at least 1 month. If you've left it too late and you are self conscious about something, you're better off asking the photographer to tweak it in his edits. I've had several clients in the past who have a